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Electrical Power Protection Components

Fuses- Power, Semiconductor and Special Purpose, Fuse Holders and Blocks, Low Voltage Disconnect Switches, Surge Protection Devices, Power Distribution Blocks


Industrial Power Quality Solutions

Power Supplies, Industrial Transformers, Total Power Quality Solutions, Power Conditioners, Line Reactors, Industrial & Modular UPS, TVSS


Plugs and Receptacles Engineered for Safety and Durability

Switch-Rated, Hazardous Location, Multi-Pin, High Ampacity and Power Distribution Plugs & Receptacles


Safety Tools and Personal Protection Equipment

American made double-insulated 1,000 Volt safety tools and personal protective equipment that meet the requirements of OSHA, NFPA 70E and CSA Z462 standards.


Cable Tray and Cable Management Systems

Ladder Tray Systems, GR-Magic Self Connecting Wire Mesh Tray, RKS-Magic Self Connecting Trough Tray, BKRS-Walkable Cable Tray, Series 6 Trough Tray, AZ Channel Tray, Series 5 Channel Tray and BSS-Fire Stop Products



Energy Management Systems

Power and revenue meters, multi-tenant submetering, power quality analyzers, high accuracy current sensors, pole-top MV monitoring sensors, and software for energy management and power quality analysis.


Waterproof Lighting and Shatter Resistant Lamps

EncapSulite specializes in LED waterproof fixtures, safety coated fluorescent lamps, safety coated HID lamps, and decorative lighting design.